Creativity, Originality and Cognitive Flexibility For Modern Day Movers & Makers

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Welcome To Mad Leadership

(Mindset, Agility, Disruption)

Future Proof Your Leadership Skills By Leveraging The Power Of Originality, Getting Out Of Your Own Way and Tapping Into Your Creative Mind. 



The 12 Features Of Mad Leadership & Mad Leaders


  • Authenticity

  • Novelty

  • Originality

  • Flexibility

  • Freedom 

  • Disruption

  • Energy

  • Clarity

  • Courage

  • Vulnerability

  • Creativity

  • Communication



Are You A Dedicated Executive 
Who Is Not As Successful As You Should Be?

Or An Entrepreneur Who Feels Stuck And Uninspired?

Imagine Having An Elite Coach To Help You Expand Your Vision, Problem Solve Creatively and Activate Your Originality

Renowned Human Behavior Expert, Dr. Reef Karim, has only 
a few spots left in his highly successful one-on-one
Mad Leadership Coaching Program. 

Hi! I'm Reef Karim.

Would you like to...

Overcome Your Limitations?

Unleash Your Creativity?

Live The Life Meant For You?

Now is the perfect time to build a high performance mindset.

This is the chance to proactively design your life, open up new opportunities. Expand your mind. Become more agile and flexible in the way you think. 

This is the time to change.. a mindset, a job, a body, a relationship, an energy level, an outlook, a perspective.

I’ve had the pleasure and honor to have helped countless numbers of people to free themselves of the limitations that were holding them back so they could discover how to tap into their innate creative power to generate new ideas, new opportunities and deeper connections.  

We only have a few spots so click the “coaching application” button and fill out a short 3 minute application.

We will set up an initial strategy session for those applicants who are highly motivated and a good fit for this program.

Wishing you all the best during this time of uncertainty and change.

With Much Appreciation,


Coaching Application

Medical and Psychological Expert


Thought Leader On Human Behavior


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Who This Coaching Program Is For:

  • You are looking for an innovative leadership program, led by a renowned thought leader in high performance, neuroscience and human behavior
  • You are a professional who is seeking change and transformation in your life
  • You are an entrepreneur who is seeking to overcome your limitations while unleashing your creative energy and power to significantly better the world
  • You are ready to give yourself permission to do something different and want an experienced life strategist to guide you

Who This Coaching Program Is Not For:

  • People looking for a basic self-help program, requiring little effort.
  • People looking for a large group program with less attention and accountability.
  • People looking for medical advice, psychological treatment or a doctor-patient relationship; this is specifically high performance life strategy coaching. 
  • People who might think this is a good idea, but are not motivated, ready or fully committed to change, grow and expand their life.


Dan Amen 

CEO, Brain MD, Amen Clinics; 
10x New York Times Best Selling Author

“Dr. Reef Karim has the extremely rare combination of respected & accomplished physician and talented creative artist; he rapidly transforms lives.”

Mel Johnson Jr. 

Broadway Actor, Former Creative Director: Imagination Workshop

“I’ve watched him help countless numbers of people overcome their limitations to find their original voice, purpose, confidence and courage to lead more meaningful and inspired lives.”

Eric Roberts

Academy Award 
Nominated Actor

“Reef Karim will massively expand your creative power. He’s a spiritual wise man and a creative genius”

Gabor Mate

Internationally Recognized Physician, Healer, Order of Canada Recipient

“Reef Karim is a man of deep originality who employs an innovative mindset grounded in science, with creative prowess, to deeply change lives”.

Yes! I Want To Begin My Journey Of High Performance Leadership 

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We will set up an initial strategy session for those applicants who are highly motivated and a good fit for this program.

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